DAKOTA Turf Tenders - 410 Electric

DAKOTA introduces the 410 Electric Turf Tender. Utilizing a 4 battery-48 volt system that was developed and tested for more than a year, this tow behind topdresser can spread over 60 loads of material on a SINGLE CHARGE!

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  • One Yard Hopper Capacity
  • Self Contained Power Source
  • Four Gel Cell Batteries
  • Led Battery Gauge
  • Battery Charger Included
  • Tow Behind Only
  • Twin Spinners
  • Adjust Spinner And Belt Speed From
  • The Control Box
  • Spread Heavy Or Light
  • Spread Wet Or Dry Materials
  • Spread Over 50 Loads On A Single Charge
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • 1420 lbs